Home improvement tips: How to trim a door

I share some time- and job site-tested tips on how to trim a door.

In this video we run through some tools, tips, and materials for getting wood trim (the best kind) to look good and go in fast.

I like to use wood for all my moldings. Among other important virtues, it’s customize-able. Whether it’s an old house or new design, being able to make custom pieces is something I always need and I count on wood to give me that ability all the time.

This room has wood wainscoting too, and a site-built top cap that the client loves. And for the doors—I do the same technique on windows—in the How to trim a door video I break down how I mark, measure, cut and nail all the pieces for a precision fit.

I used factory-primed solid wood 1×4 for this project. With a sharp blade, it cut cleanly and took paint beautifully.

Home improvement tips: How to trim a door

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Written By Haterrovat1982