Clean Your Water Tank – Help to ensure water quality in your home

Why Clean Water Storage Tanks?
Cleaning and disinfecting your water storage tank is necessary to protect your family’s health. It will prevent and remove the build up of solids like sediment, algae and microbial growth that could make you sick. All water contains some solids. Even if you can’t see it in your glass, it can build up over time in the water tank. Regular cleaning also makes water look and taste better. It is the home owner’s responsibility to mae sure that the water tank is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

How do I know that my tank needs cleaning?
The water from the delivery truck or pipe has been treated and is safe. If your water comes out of the tap a little bit cloudy or if the water in your glass does not clear up after one minute, the sediment on the bottom of a water storage tank could be the cause. It is often a sign that your tank needs cleaning.

Written By Haterrovat1982